Ergonomics & Sit-Stand Equipment

Beirman Furniture is Iowa’s Certified Ergonomics Assessment ┬áDealer. That means we will come to your place of business and complete a FREE ergonomic analysis report. With the right office equipment you can feel free from aches and pain. But with the wrong equipment, or office set up, you might feel back pain from poor lumbar support, shoulder aches from arms being extended away from the torso, or eye strain from your monitor being to far away or angled incorrectly.

Our SIT-STAND products offer a wide rang of options… from Sit-Stand Desks, to Sit-Stand Units that mount to your desk.

Select products from below and we’ll contact you within 24 hours. Most of the products you see, we can bring to your work space, so you can “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY”!


Ergonomic Desk Setup

Height Adjustable Table

Electric Height Adjustable Table

Height Adjustable Computer Cart Platform

Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation #1

Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation #2

Sit-Stand Desk Mount #1

Sit-Stand Desk Mount #2

Sit-Stand for LAPTOP

Sit-Stand Arm Mount

Create-A-Corner w/ Keyboard

Sit-Stand Arm Mount with Tablet Holder

Single or Double Monitor Arm

Des Moines Office - Dual Monitor Arm

Keyboard Tray that adjust horizontal and vertical

Keyboard tray - Altoona

Personal LED

Davenport Office Lighting

Foot Rest

Ergonomic Chair #1

Waterloo - Comfortable Armchair

Ergonomic Chair #2

Ergonomic Chair #3

Ergonomic Chair #4

Ergonomic Chair #5

Ergonomic Chair #6

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