Office Dragon-Slaying 101: The Importance of an In-office Ergonomic Assessment

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Modern day office dragons include sitting disease, chronic eye strain, poor space economy, and other problems that are only avoidable with the right equipment and space planning.   If you employ full-time workers in an office environment, you may well have maidens in distress, knights without the right armor, and stewards whose chairs are more like [...]

Generational Ergonomics

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Although the principle of ergonomics is by no means a passing trend in office space design, there are new developments to always watch out for to improve a company's workspace and enhance the quality of work performed. Here's what's been happening in 2017: Enter Generation Z Who are these people? I mean, it seems like we [...]

The Small Business Guide to Ergonomics

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Each individual office and store has a different set of needs. The dynamic workflow and balance between quiet work and bustling activity vary from business to business. Some roles, like programming, require long hours sitting in the same position while others may be standing and sitting constantly throughout the day in order to attend to clients [...]

Avoid the Dangers of Prolonged Sitting–and Standing–with Ergonomics

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Sitting for prolonged periods of time is destroying our health. Too much sitting causes organ damage that increases our risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes and colon cancer. Sitting for too long also causes brain fog because not enough blood and oxygen flow to the brain. In addition, sitting improperly for any length of time [...]

Avoid Workplace Injuries with Ergonomics

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Ergonomically designed office furniture is quickly becoming more popular than regular office furniture. With computers and mobile devices expanding in popularity, repetitive stress injuries, carpal tunnel and awkward posture and position injuries are common to everyone, not just administrative workers. In addition, a variety of new injuries that cause damage over time are contributing to the [...]