Approximately two million work-related injuries — like carpal tunnel syndrome and muscle strains — are reported in the United States each year due to poor ergonomics. Awkward posture and poor desk setup often cause these avoidable injuries. Because of this, they could largely be prevented by workstation improvements and employee training.

Proper ergonomics in the workplace ensures that employees remain comfortable and safe. Therefore, employers should conduct regular ergonomic safety inspections to reduce injuries and improve employees’ quality of life. To make this even easier, we offer a free ergonomic analysis at your place of work. Until then, follow these simple ergonomic principles for everyday safety and well-being in the workplace.

Simple Ergonomic Principles to Follow

  1. Keep joints in a neutral position. This ensures muscles and ligaments will be stretched to the least possible extent.
  2. Avoid bending forward. Leaning forward makes it harder for the muscles in the back to maintain proper upper body balance.
  3. Keep work close to your body. If it’s not, your body will lean forward and your arms will leave the neutral position.
  4. Avoid twisting your torso. Sit upright, facing straight forward, to maintain proper balance.
  5. Alternate posture and movements. Sitting or standing the same way for a prolonged period of time can be tiring on your muscles.
  6. Limit tasks above the shoulder level. Your elbows should remain well below your shoulders for the vast majority of everyday tasks.
  7. Avoid long reaches. Reaching for objects bends and twists your back.
  8. Avoid lifting heavy loads. Know your body’s limits on what you can comfortably carry.
  9. Avoid carrying heavier objects with one hand. This bends your back into an off-balance position.
  10. Use lifting aids. If you do need to carry or transport a heavy item, use an aid.

Improving employee workstations and training your staff on proper ergonomics principles will improve overall quality of life and reduce needless injuries. Contact us to help with all of your ergonomic needs.