Electricity is often one of the largest overhead expenses for businesses operating in an office setting. In 2017, the average monthly energy bill for businesses in Iowa was $402.21 ($577.69 in the Midwest). While electricity is obviously a necessity for businesses and cannot be totally eliminated, there are ways to lower the monthly bill by creating a more energy-efficient office. Not only will these tips save you money, they will also reduce your company’s environmental footprint.

Tips for a More Energy-Efficient Office

  1. Replace incandescent light bulbs with LED or CFL bulbs. Business owners often choose incandescent light bulbs, because they are the cheapest. However, incandescent bulbs end up costing more over time due to their comparatively short lifespan and high-energy consumption. Replacing outdated incandescent bulbs with either LED or CFL bulbs is a great and easy way to save energy in your office.
  2. Tune-up your HVAC system yearly. HVAC systems account for around 25 percent of a commercial building’s energy usage. An annual HVAC tune-up improves both the performance and efficiency of the system.
  3. Use smart lighting. These smart lighting systems automatically control lighting by turning on fixtures when workers are present and turning them off when no one is around.
  4. Turn off computers at the end of the day. Many employees fail to completely turn off their computer at the end of the day. Instead, they allow it to enter sleep mode. This mode still consumes power, so it is important to tell workers to turn off their computer before leaving the office.
  5. Use curtains. Curtains are not just an aesthetically pleasing interior decoration. They can also save a significant amount of energy in both winter and summer by reducing energy loss through windows.

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