Although the principle of ergonomics is by no means a passing trend in office space design, there are new developments to always watch out for to improve a company’s workspace and enhance the quality of work performed. Here’s what’s been happening in 2017:

Enter Generation Z

Who are these people? I mean, it seems like we just figured out what Millennials are all about and then here comes Generation Z, marching into the workforce. These individuals, born between 1994 and 2010, are all grown up. And they grew up completely in the digital age. They have enjoyed, from childhood, ergonomically designed furniture to enhance their experience as they use their gaming systems, laptops and desktops. They know a good design when they see it.

Millennial Management

As Generation Z enters on the ground floor, Baby Boomers are leaving by the back door and Millennials are moving up to management. The mindset of Millennials toward the design of workspaces is modern, positive and pro-active. They understand and appreciate the science of ergonomics. This may be the year that the vast majority of office spaces begin a transformation into the future. In other words, office design will reflect greater maturity with regard to the science of ergonomics, it sweeping across every facet of office space design from the type of keyboard used to how the boardroom is furnished.

Creativity Through Collaboration

Collaboration is, perhaps, the one characteristic that describes the Millennial generation. There is a sense of community purpose in all of their contributions. How might this play out in the ergonomics of office furniture? Comfortable pods for gatherings over group projects are definitely on the menu. Ergonomic seating keeps everyone engaged and attentive for hours.

Productive Rest

Believe it or not, even a work space that traditionally sees no actual work, the break room, can affect worker productivity. Improve office culture with thoughtful furnishings that promote relaxation. A rejuvenated worker is a more productive worker. Think comfort and beauty when it comes to break room furnishings. Who can really relax in a sterile plastic chair? Luxury lounge quality in break room seating indicates to employees that a company cares. This, in turn, heightens a sense of loyalty that fosters greater productivity in employees.

For more information on thoughtful furnishings to enhance your workspaces, consult with ergonomics experts who can advise you on the latest design technology.