Are you looking to boost morale and keep employees happy? A recent Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates survey found that the physical office itself contributes to staff happiness. The same study pointed out that 34% of respondents believe that improvements could be as simple as a better floor plan! When considering an office remodel, think about these office design trends.

Open Floorplans:

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Open floorplans are becoming more and more popular. Having an open floorplan can contribute to better collaboration and creativity among your team. However, be sure to also provide a private space for your employees – nearly 8/10 adults report they would feel more comfortable with an open floor plan if private spaces are available (source).

Collaborative Spaces:

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Many offices are designing non-traditional collaborative spaces. Instead of a formal board room with a table and chairs, these areas may include sofas, lounge chairs, and modular seating to evoke a cozier feel. Employees can use these areas to brainstorm and think creatively. Room dividers can be used to provide privacy and noise reduction without disrupting the cozy feel. Be sure to provide plenty of outlets so employees can conveniently use their devices while brainstorming.

Biophilic Designs:

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Biophilic design is essentially incorporating nature into your design. Including plants and greenery in your design is said to boost both physical and mental health and will be one of the hottest trends for 2018. To take advantage of this trend, let plenty of natural light into rooms by using glass panels and consider hanging baskets, plants, or even including a living wall. Natural color schemes and elements like wood finishes will also complement this trend.


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Providing an ergonomic workplace will continue to be important in 2018. Standing and sit-to-stand desks have increased in popularity and more people are becoming familiar with the benefits of ergonomic office furniture and accessories. We have several blog posts about the  benefits of an ergonomic office and we also offer a free ergonomic assessment.


These are just a few of the office design trends that will be popular in 2018. Contact us now to discuss your next office project. We can help you plan, design, and find the right products for your vision.