Office Design Trends to Look out for in 2019

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Modern office design trends are constantly evolving due to the changing ways people are working, and there are more and more office furniture options available to fit the specific needs of your business and employees. While traditional office furniture is readily available, ergonomic office solutions and collaborative work environments are changing the landscape of modern offices. [...]

How to Make Your Office More Energy Efficient

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Electricity is often one of the largest overhead expenses for businesses operating in an office setting. In 2017, the average monthly energy bill for businesses in Iowa was $402.21 ($577.69 in the Midwest). While electricity is obviously a necessity for businesses and cannot be totally eliminated, there are ways to lower the monthly bill by creating [...]

Office Design Trends for 2018

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Are you looking to boost morale and keep employees happy? A recent Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates survey found that the physical office itself contributes to staff happiness. The same study pointed out that 34% of respondents believe that improvements could be as simple as a better floor plan! When considering an office remodel, think about these [...]

Space Planning As A Productivity Strategy

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An office space reflects the culture of a business itself. What does the space where your staff performs say about their productivity? If snafus are up and engagement is down, it could be because things just aren't in the right place. Arrangement matters if a company wants to enjoy greater productivity through more fluid workflow. According [...]

Welcome Customers With a Thoughtfully Planned Space

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Welcome Customers With a Thoughtfully Planned Space When a customer enters your office, they're greeted by more than just your charming receptionist. The design of your space influences their sense of who you are as a business, so it is important to plan your space mindfully. Whether updating your reception area or finding ways to improve [...]

Efficiently Designed Space Planning

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When it comes to creating your new office space, it's just like managing any other aspect of business; there are ways to promote efficiency, there are ways to minimize stress, and there are ways to nurture an attractive and professional atmosphere. It can be an exciting endeavor to plan out your work space; just step into [...]

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