Modern day office dragons include sitting disease, chronic eye strain, poor space economy, and other problems that are only avoidable with the right equipment and space planning.


If you employ full-time workers in an office environment, you may well have maidens in distress, knights without the right armor, and stewards whose chairs are more like medieval torture devices than trusty mounts.


In addition to the importance of properly engineered furniture, studies have shown that thoughtful space planning has a strong correlation to productivity. Your office space and your business needs are unique, and in order to maximize productivity in your specific space, a custom solution is almost always the best approach.   


In many office environments, ergonomic design is not a priority. This is bad news for employees and employers alike, who are missing out on the tangible and long-term benefits that come with ergonomic office design.


It might be time to upgrade your castle with adjustable height desks, ergonomic chairs, privacy dividers, or other furniture that will give your employees the tools and layout they need to operate at their best. If you improve the workspace you manage, your employees won’t just thank you — they will be healthier, happier, and more productive.


One way to get out of the office Dark Ages is to call or email Beirman Furniture to schedule an Ergonomic Assessment. After surveying your office, our specialists will provide detailed recommendations for furniture and space planning. We also offer relocation services!
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