Welcome Customers With a Thoughtfully Planned Space

When a customer enters your office, they’re greeted by more than just your charming receptionist. The design of your space influences their sense of who you are as a business, so it is important to plan your space mindfully.

Whether updating your reception area or finding ways to improve employee-customer interaction, a well designed space will benefit everyone who walks through your doors. Thoughtful space planning is crucial to creating a comfortable experience – and making a great impression on your customers.


Designing the Layout

An interior designer adept in office space planning will know all the specifics to help elevate your customers’ visits. During the space planning process, the designer will draw up a plan that defines the different zones of your space, as well as indicating circulation patterns of the people who move through it. Using these elements, the designer will be able to create inviting reception areas and collaborative work stations, with natural, effective transitions between spaces.


Adding the Details

Once the overall layout is complete, the designer will finish the plan by adding all the details. Any furniture and equipment is incorporated into the design with your specific clientele in mind. No matter your space’s style, the designer should work with you to select functional, ergonomic items that also fit your brand. Many innovative furnishings are available to help increase customer comfort and improve communication.

Creating a welcoming space for your customers is invaluable in your office design. Take inspiration from offices from around the world, and contact Beirman Furniture to design a space your customers won’t forget.