Welcome Customers With a Thoughtfully Planned Space

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Welcome Customers With a Thoughtfully Planned Space When a customer enters your office, they're greeted by more than just your charming receptionist. The design of your space influences their sense of who you are as a business, so it is important to plan your space mindfully. Whether updating your reception area or finding ways to improve [...]

Efficiently Designed Space Planning

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When it comes to creating your new office space, it's just like managing any other aspect of business; there are ways to promote efficiency, there are ways to minimize stress, and there are ways to nurture an attractive and professional atmosphere. It can be an exciting endeavor to plan out your work space; just step into [...]

Recruiting and Retaining High Quality Staff with Space Planning

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Designing a new office space or renovating an existing space requires more than just picking out new ergonomic chairs from a catalog, painting the walls a fresh color and bringing in live greenery.  Detailed and comprehensive Space Planning is required to balance employee productivity and group collaboration with employee space for creativity and focused work. Harvard [...]

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