When it comes to creating your new office space, it’s just like managing any other aspect of business; there are ways to promote efficiency, there are ways to minimize stress, and there are ways to nurture an attractive and professional atmosphere. It can be an exciting endeavor to plan out your work space; just step into your creative attitude and start having fun!

Work Zone Sketch

The first step in planning the arrangement of your office is to draw out the perimeter, shape, and dimensions of the room/rooms. This allows you to make accurate estimations when you begin to plan the positions your furniture items and appliances. Space allowances are often over or under-estimated if actual room dimensions are not taken into account.

Basic Routine Sketch

The next step is to recognize where the majority of the traffic is going to flow; from the door to the desk? from the desk to the water dispenser, or copy machine? The purpose of this analysis is ensure clear, direct passage between points A and B of the heavily travelled area. This will eliminate frustration in the future, as well as promote time efficiency.

Shop For The Perfect Furnishings

Shopping online has never been easier! The ability to research a product and read reviews makes it possible to thoroughly examine furniture and appliances right from your own room. It also makes it easier to plan the remainder of your office before making actual purchases. What type of clientele will you be working with, And should you take that into consideration as you make your plans? Are you going for a modern abstract aura, or more of a classic cherry-wood and tapestry feel? Perhaps you’re more of a minimalist Spartan who has a no-nonsense approach to furnishings. Whatever the case, place things in a way that is comfortable for you. You’ll want the cabinets and files that you frequent the most to be easily accessible; if you will potentially have many files, be sure to supply yourself with enough storage space to keep things tidy and in order.


One thing that is very important when it comes to presentation and practicality is good lighting. Soft lighting is best for professions that include personal counseling or family services, while bright lights create a more professional setting for industrial/production offices. If you think that a ceiling fan would also be appreciated, add that into your plans too!

Well, what are you waiting for? Start planning, and we’re looking forward to helping you along the way!